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published: November 22, 2022.
We are glad to inform you that today, on 22nd of Nov. 2022 we attained the Certificate of Excellence given to Small & Medium Enterprises by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, which certifies that ZIVIC d.o.o. satisfies the conditions related to credit rating based on regular monitoring by COFACE Slovenia credit report house. Please, use the QR code on the left to verify the current validity.
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published: December 11, 2021.
Živić offers the widest choice of superior SMD varistirs which differ according to: technology they are produced, application, network they are suitable for, SMD sizes, materials, operating temperature...

Should you have any questions, comments, inquiries, or sample request, please, turn to us. We will be most glad to be of assistance to you.
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Our recent development result - very thin (3 mm) power GDT realised in different diameters (from 16 to 30 mm) for various DC spark-over voltages and surge parameters - has enabled us to go one step further and develop IVG components...
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published: August 19, 2016.
We offer the highest quality ceramic electronic components for overvoltage and EMI protection. Our laboratory provides component quality control and reliability supervision, enabling us to guarantee high quality products. Zivic’s team has experienced professionals from different areas of expertise including material science, device physics, electronics, machine engineering, chemistry and chemical engineering, information technology...

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published: August 23, 2016.

The fundamental principle of the activities we pursue and develop is concern for a healthy and safe living environment.
We are aware that an environmental-friendly company ensures a pleasant work environment and coexistence with neighbors; this, however, is only possible through compliance with all environmental standards set by the company. At Zivic, d.o.o., the environment treatment system is incorporated into all of the company’s business functions...
Mrdjan ZIVIC, B.Sc.Ec.,
  General Manager
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We are glad to announce that all the illustrations for our web site have been made by the painter and illustrator Zorana Zivic, the daughter of our founders Mr. And Mrs. Zivic.