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published: August 31, 2016.
The company ZIVIC d.o.o. was established in Nov. 2007. It is located in Ljubljana. Beside offices and warehouse, we have 150 m2 of laboratory facility specialised in evaluation, reliability testing and failure analysis of overvoltage protective devices and small assembly line for high energy varistors.

We offer the highest quality ceramic electronic components for overvoltage and EMI protection. Our laboratory provides component quality control and reliability supervision, enabling us to guarantee high quality products.

Zivic’s team has experienced professionals from different areas of expertise including material science, device physics, electronics, machine engineering, chemistry and chemical engineering, information technology, marketing and sales and logistics providing highly professional multidisciplinary approach to each problem solving.

The breadth of our expertise encompassing component physics, application, failure analysis and ceramic technology, well equipped test laboratory and close technical cooperation with development teams of our partners enable us to provide long term component development based on customer requirements.

As a business partner, our professionals function as an extension of your organization to determine your specific requirements, learn about your problems and provide cost effective solutions.