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published: September 01, 2016.
Mr. Zoran Zivic, MSEE
Mrs. Angela Zivic, MSEE
In Dec. 2007 Mr. Zivic established the company ZIVIC, d.o.o. and took the position of General Manager. His life motto was "Work and sing along!"

His vision was to set up the company which would provide solutions to the customers in the field of protective devices. He established creative and fruitful relations with our partners. Unfortunately he died in July 2009 before he could see the company develop.

Since Mr. Zivic is the icon of our company, we want to present his life and achievements.

Mr. Zoran Zivic attained Master of Science degree in Microelectronics at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering at the University of Nis in October 1985. He acquired deep knowledge in device and material physics and engineering in microelectronics. Mr. Zivic graduated at the Microelectronics Department of the Electronic Engineering Faculty at the University of Nis in Oct. 1976, being one of the best five students in his generation.

During the first 13 years Mr. Zivic worked as Device Engineer, Production Manager and Development Manager in the field of microelectronics: development and production of CMOS integrated circuits. He designed high voltage CMOS integrated circuits (digital, analogue, microprocessors, memories and smart ICs), developed the technology for its production and patented this process.

Mr. Zoran Zivic established the company KEKO-VARICON in Oct. 1995. He held the position of General Manager of KEKO-VARICON, for 12 years, where besides managing function, he was also responsible for component and technology development. In Nov. 2007 Mr. Živić sold his share of KEKO-VARICON and left the position of General Manager.

During the last 12 years Mr. Zivic worked as General Manager and Development Manager in the field of protective electronic ceramic components in the company KEKO-VARICON. Mr. Zivic is the author of 12 patents, based on which he developed and lead introduction into production of:
  • 3 series of disc varistors
  • 4 series of high energy varistors
  • 7 series of multilayer varistors
  • 4 series of multilayer low and high voltage capacitors
  • 4 series of dual function varicons (combination of multilayer varistor and multilayer capacitor)
whereby all components were available in SMD and TH form.

Technologies used for production of these components were:
  • in the field of ceramics production:
    • dry powder pressing
    • multilayer dry tape casting for semi-final products and chips
  • In the field of component assembly:
    • radial lead assembly
    • plastic encapsulation of final products
Application fields of these components ware : Automotive, Industrial, Digital, Across the Line and Telecom.

During Mr. Zivic’s management KEKO VARICON attained:
  • 2004 - Slovenian Golden Gazelle 2004 award as the best fast growing company in Slovenia
  • 2005 - the award the Most Environment Friendly Small/Medium Company in Slovenia by Ecological Fund of Republic of Slovenia, Slovenian Agency for Environment
  • 2005 - 7th position in Slovenia for its financial parameters according to analysis of Slovenian magazine Delo
  • 2005 - credit record 1A1 among 50 companies in Slovenia according to D&B data
Mr. Zivic personally was awarded by Slovenian Chamber of Commerce for extraordinary entrepreneurial and business achievements in 2006.

Mr. Zivic is the author of:
  • 1 patent in the field of CMOS ICs
  • 12 patents in the field of single layer and multilayer varistors and dual function varicon, 6 of which were granted in EU and USA.
  • Mr. Zivic is also the co-author of 1 patent in the field of high permeability ferrites
Mr. Zivic’s knowledge and experience were focused on new material engineering, design and technology of passive ceramic electronic components. They encompassed design and technology of single-layer, multilayer, multifunctional passive components as well as different assembly techniques.

Mr. Zivic was the expert in:
  • ceramic electronic component design and development
  • ceramic technology design and development
  • design and development of materials used in ceramic component production
  • engineering analysis and root cause analysis in passive component field
  • ceramic component failure analysis
  • production yield and process stability
Mr. Zoran Zivic, MSEE
Mrs. Angela Zivic, MSEE
Mrs. Angela Zivic is one of the founders of our company. Mrs. Zivic has the knowledge about and expertise and experience in:
  • Protective passive electronic components - performances, applications, technology, measurement techniques and standards
  • control systems and quality standards
  • ways to generate new business and ensure growth of existing accounts
  • Fast introduction of new products in the market

Mrs. Angela Zivic attained Master of Science degree in Physics at the Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Belgrade. She graduated at the Material Physics Department of the Electrical Engineering Faculty at the University of Belgrade. At both faculties she acquired knowledge in material science and device physics.

During the first 15 years Mrs. Zivic worked as process, device and measurement engineer in the field of microelectronics and ferrites. Her special achievement is the development and re-establishing of so called “red technology” of ferrite production, the process she patented.

She also took part in establishment of the company KEKO-VARICON in Oct. 1995. She held the position of Commercial Manager of KEKO-VARICON for 12 years, where besides managing function, her main responsibility was technical marketing and customers in pre- and post-sales and pre- and post-sales activities. In June 2008 she left KEKO VARICON and joined her husband in their joint company at the position of Commercial Manager.

During the second 15 years Mrs. Zivic worked in the commercial field. Her special achievements in this filed are related to her work in KEKO VARICON:
  • establishment of agency and distribution sales network throughout the world
  • Creation of comprehensive marketing material
  • Good customer and supplier relations
During the last 8 years of her work at Zivic d.o.o. she managed to increase the visibility and market share of her Chinese partners in EU and wider and especially in the field of high energy varistors.